Why LISM ?

We have over 20 years of experience in education field

Why LISM ?

LISM paves path to early success in life through its distance courses. These courses consist of concepts, case studies & industrial training that provide board exposure to relevant business concept, technical skills & management specialties. This helps them to get stared as “Managers” / “Team Leaders” by enhancing their productivity, capability to formulate business policies & handing of Technical Data, Strategies & their implications for the organization.

Those who are short of time & wish to upgrade their skills, knowledge for success can choose fast track courses where they can keep themselves connect to the faculties & colearners. They can opt for at home examination to save their time & can re-attempt thrice if hosen wrong answers.

It is an enthusiastic attempt by LISM to expose the best of International Technologies & Management principles, practices and managerial/ team leading functions to the students as well corporate entities for which we have secured membership of IEEE society of international repute. However, the pursuit of our technical & management programs demands intellectual maturity, strength & willingness to the work hard. For those who endowed with inquisitive minds, application of techniques & the drive to succeed, these programs will be voyage of discovery leading to professionally satisfying careers.

We invite all those who share our vision, goals & purpose to join hands in hand in our efforts to build a new cadre of management & technical professional, who wish & will participate actively in the growth of this era of economic, liberalization & globalization.

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